TEMS Pocket Overview

Ultraportable tool for wireless network indoor testing and hard-to-reach wireless QoS testing

Operators need to collect network information to measure wireless network quality. However, it isn’t always practical to obtain network information with  wireless drive testing solutions, particularly when more than half of today’s estimated data traffic and calls are generated from indoor environments.

TEMS Pocket is Ascom Network Testing’s handheld network performance measurement tool for wireless network verification, maintenance, and troubleshooting as well as for basic cell planning tasks. A cell phone/smartphone and advanced test tool in one, TEMS Pocket captures network information from the user’s perspective and detects network anomalies wherever a user goes. It routinely reaches locations such as inside restaurants, shopping malls, subways, trains, boats, event venues – anywhere that people go.

TEMS Pocket supports GSM/GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA, CDMA, EV-DO, Wi-Fi, and LTE technologies, and is one of the first air interface test and measurement tools to support Android™, one of the world’s leading smartphone OSs. Although a small device, TEMS Pocket is powerful enough to capture a range of data which only a few years ago would have required laptops or even larger tools.

Use TEMS Pocket to:

  • Collect wireless network measurements and events, including those from indoor network testing, and present them on a color display
  • Measure data performance over a wide range of wireless technologies
  • Store the measurements in logfiles for later analysis with positioning of data
  • Detect errors without explicitly searching for them
  • Fulfill any needs with one of four packages:
    • TEMS Pocket Professional gives engineers and technicians a powerful, convenient air interface monitoring tool for in-field measurements
    • TEMS Pocket Standard is a streamlined wireless network testing solution
    • TEMS Pocket Remote is a fully integrated network performance measurement probe for use with TEMS Automatic
    • TEMS Pocket Premium is an advanced, flexible platform that allows measurement either as an unattended TEMS Automatic probe or as a real-time tool

Benefits of TEMS Pocket:

  • Saves time and money on tool setup
  • Tests network from a user’s perspective
  • Collects and transfers information for faster results
  • Informs users about important states and failures