The ability to benchmark the quality of competing wireless networks and services is increasingly important for network operators, service providers, and regulatory agencies.

For operators, wireless network benchmarking enables insight into the subscriber’s experience and is critical for ensuring coverage and quality of service (QoS). In a world where mobile subscribers have little tolerance for dropped calls and the inability to access data and applications, operators must know how well their QoS and subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE) compares with the competition and changes over time.

Service providers and operators alike need benchmarking solutions to ensure they have met certain key performance indicators (KPIs) so they can prove to subscribers and enterprise customers that they are delivering the QoS for which those customers paid, and that their QoS is superior.

Last, regulatory agencies need benchmarking to ensure that the licensed operators in their nations are delivering a required minimum level of service to consumers.

Ascom Network Testing provides dedicated probe solutions to benchmark and monitor the performance and quality of wireless networks, services, and content. Using these solutions, TEMS customers can:

  • Test network service quality across a large variety of network operators, device types, and wireless technologies, including LTE
  • Perform drive and indoor tests, as well as attended and unattended tests
  • Collect the business intelligence needed to match or surpass competitors’ coverage and quality
  • Meet SLAs with subscribers, business customers, and regulatory agencies
  • Monitor KPIs, such as blocked calls, dropped calls, data throughput, failed data connections, and audio and video quality MOS, to help engineers and operations staff improve network quality