Centralized Management - An effective platform for easier device management
Working environments using communication systems with multiple handsets have a high demand in terms of system administration. With an intuitive PC interface, handset upgrades can now be applied easily and quickly. The platform also simplifies monitoring. If handsets are spread over multiple locations, there is no longer any requirement for system administrators to travel in order to carry out upgrades thanks to the platform’s remote configuration capability.

Software downloads from a single point of administration
Our new generation of handsets are Centralized Management (CM ) capable. This enables the administrator to apply all upgrades from one PC - no fuss, no collection and thanks to improved system overview, no doubt as to whether every handset has been upgraded. DECT handsets are synchronised automatically when they are returned to their cradle while IP-DECT handsets can receive Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades and synchronisation.

Improved overview capability delivers increased cost efficiency
Centralized Management allows the system administrator to create, apply and manage specific templates for all types of user groups, optimising both usage and operational efficiency. This feature is particularly effective in cases where a large number of handsets is in daily operation by users with specific tasks – nurses in hospitals, for example. And if a large number of new handsets are to be installed, the CM platform  allows fast and effective configuration of all the handsets at one time, by one administrator from one location.

Simply a smarter solution
For the users, personal settings can be applied and then centrally saved so the user is never in any doubt as to whether their handset is completely up-to-date. In environments where a handset may have multiple users, the CM platform offers many practical, smart benefits. When a user starts the working shift and takes a handset, he/she simply keys in the personal ID - and personal settings, telephone numbers and other important information are instantly applied. This feature is especially practical when users have optimised their handsets for their particular duties, for example, where a user's settings must be immediately available when logging on. In addition, if a handset becomes inoperable for some reason, personal settings are saved by the system so retrieval is a matter of accessing the CM platform and applying them to another handset.