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Ascom Wireless Solutions Offers Superior Voice Quality Through Interoperability with Motorola´s WiNG 5 WLAN Architecture


Gothenburg/Sweden – January 23, 2012

Ascom Wireless Solutions and Motorola Solutions have teamed to optimise functionality between their communication solutions. The companies have conducted joint testing on Motorola´s WLAN architecture and Ascom´s handsets to ensure superior voice quality, trouble-free interoperability and scalability.

With Ascom Wireless Solutions as a certified Motorola Wireless Network Solutions Partner, the joint certification process ensures interoperability between the Ascom i62, VoWiFi handset to operate on 802.11n networks, and Motorola’s WiNG5 wireless LAN network architecture, ensuring clear business-critical communications for users in healthcare and retail markets.


“We’re very pleased to join forces with a great WLAN solutions provider like Motorola. This is wonderful news for any organization using a Motorola Wireless network,” says Henrik Sandberg, Product Manager, Ascom Wireless Solutions. “The dynamic duo of the Ascom i62 and Motorola’s WiNG 5 architecture will put staff members in firm control via seamlessly using voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) – throughout every part of their facility. Within the healthcare segment, where most of our customers are found, this means peace of mind for both staff and patients, knowing that every kind of assistance is never further away than the touch of a button.”

“As more and more wireless devices find their way into the workplace, users have higher expectation for what a wireless network can do and no patience for glitches. They want clear, smooth voice and instant data. And they really need the network to keep working at all times, especially in busy periods. With Motorola’s distributed wireless architecture and Ascom’s i62, discover the less complicated, less expensive way to get more capacity, more agility and more satisfied users,” says  David Gozalo, vice president, EMEA for Wireless Networks Solutions, Motorola solutions.

As one of the first-ever VoWiFi handsets to operate on 802.11n networks, the Ascom i62 offers unique capabilities such as superior interoperability with almost any network supplier, optimized integration and state-of-the-art administrative efficiency. Deploying it over Motorola’s unrivalled portfolio of wireless network solutions, customers can realize the benefits of seamless connectivity and wireless coverage that put real-time information in the hands of users.


Website: WiNG 5 WLAN

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Ascom Wireless Solutions
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Ascom Wireless Solutions
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Email: henrik.sandberg@ascom.se


Founded in 1955, Ascom Wireless Solutions, a division of Ascom AG, provides mission critical ICT for global healthcare. Today, more than 100,000 of our systems are installed in hospitals, senior care and independent living facilities and any business areas where mission critical communication is vital. Above all, we are dedicated to making a difference in healthcare.