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Frau und Mann telefonieren

Especially in an increasingly competetive market and in times of shrinking margins, the ability of your network to generate maximized revenue is the key to success.
The loss of turnover or cash due to fraudulent subscribers using an abnormal calling behaviour or by reaching/ surpassing their credit limits must be avoided.
Without clear and accurate data analysis to detect possible fraud, effective and target oriented counter actions cannot be employed in order to secure your company`s revenue.

For detecting fraudulent behaviour, the solution is build on the product MEGS.

MEGS uses CCS7 data for extremely fast fraud detection. A large set of innovative high quality solutions, e.g. for integrating a diverse set of data streams (e.g. subscriber data, credit limit information, external alarm data) or for automating the detection process for flexible actions (e.g. partial blockings), are at the very core of this system.

All functionalities are provided in a very user-friendly environment:

  • CDR terms can be configured
  • data can be filtered
  • CDR attributes can be translated
  • the results can be shown in configurable detailed reports and graphs
  • long term statistics support the overall optimization process

MEGS is a high performance fraud detection system that provides:

  • analysis of different types of data.
    Thus, any type of subscribers with fraudulent behaviour of when credit limits are reached/ supassed will be detected.
  • optimized operator interface for easy detection of fraud and reached/ surpassed credit limits
  • quick alarm generation
  • optionally, a fully automatically working system for fraud detection.