IP Messaging

Lowering stock levels dramatically while at the same time maintaining delivery precision and reducing the number of stoppages due to lack of material might seem contradictory. However, this is the ever-present challenge of today’s manufacturing companies. Inventory costs must be brought down to a minimum, yet stoppages due to lack of material are unacceptable. There are several reasons for lowering stock levels, including cost of inventories, cost of poor quality, factory space or managing first in, first out.

With an Ascom wireless communication solution you get quicker response to disturbances in materials supply through early alert of low stock levels and delayed deliveries and automatic notification when delayed material is registered on arrival. Key people get alarms and notifications directly in their pockets, from computer systems, colleagues or suppliers. They can retrieve or get information automatically about stock levels, delivery times or other key figures. Wherever, whenever.


  • 914D

    The 914D is the dependable link between information and direct action.

    teleCare 914d
  • 914T

    Resilience is essential in these demanding environments, where equipment is subjected to heavy punishment on a daily basis.

  • a51

    A rugged, smart and easy-to-use alarm transmitter designed for workplaces where a high level of security is required.

  • a71

    The Ascom a71 is a compact and robust two-way messaging and personal alarm unit available with two different alarm settings.

  • d81 Ex

    The d81 Protector Ex, certified as causing no risk of explosion in gas and dust environments, enables maximum protection in workplaces with potentially hazardous locations.

    Ascom d81 Ex
  • i62

    As the world’s first VoWiFi handset operating on 802.11n network, the Ascom i62 is truly unique. It supports the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of an existing .11n network capacity.

  • p71

    Reliable, robust and easy to use, the Ascom p71 is a messaging unit specially developed for work places where urgent situations require immediate action.