Nurse Call / Nurse Support

Ascom 914TWe devoted special thought to the needs of industries and hospitals when developing the 914T message receiver. Resilience is essential in these demanding environments, where equipment is subjected to heavy punishment on a daily basis.

The 914T is small enough to fit comfortable in a shirt pocket. It is designed to withstand impact and hard use; dust and water-proof in accordance with IP64 classification. In addition, a smart, simple and slim design makes it easy to operate. Long, 24 characters messages are automatically scrolled showing two lines at a time, twelve characters per line. 914 T is available in two colours. Both pagers can be powered by disposable or specially designed rechargeable NiMH batteries and are made up of materials non hazardous to the environment.


  • Critical Alarms

    Our alarm solutions enable you, in an emergency, to quickly assemble the right staff resources in the right place at the right time, e.g., cardiac arrest, trauma alarms, C-section, etc. We simplify the coordinating work, particularly for those individuals directing the nursing staff.

  • Guest Services

    Guests demand efficient service; those working in reception areas want to feel personally safe around the clock and technical staff want to know quickly when and where any fault has occurred.

  • Material Supply

    With an Ascom wireless communication solution you get quicker response to disturbances in materials supply through early alert of low stock levels and delayed deliveries and automatic notification when delayed material is registered on arrival.

  • Patient Monitoring

    By integrating to your patient monitoring system we distribute alarms to mobile devices so you get the right alarm at the right time, when you’re on the move.

  • Process Monitoring

    With a wireless Ascom process monitoring solution, suspect deviations are instantly sent to operators as text messages, wherever they are.

  • Production Stoppages

    With an Ascom wireless recovery process the right person gets the right message immediately when a malfunction occurs.

  • Support for Hospital Units

    With our solutions supporting your unit, you will get the right information or resources – when you need it. We can help you streamline communication and logistics between departments at your hospital.