Ascom d81 Ex

Ascom d81 Ex Industrial Handset

Ascom d81 ex

ASCOM d81 Ex – maximum protection in hazardous locations

For your safety, Ascom has developed communication solutions that give maximum protection in potentially explosive environments. The Ascom d81 Ex meets the strictest standards. It is certified as causing no risk of explosion in gas and dust environments, while still delivering the same unequalled functionality and flexibility as other Ascom devices used in normal environments.

Anyone using the Ascom d81 Ex can freely move in and out of hazardous locations without the hassle of having to change or remove their portable devices.


  • ATEX

    Many industries, such as those which produce pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals, have stringent rules determining what type of tools and equipment may be used.

  • Material Supply

    With an Ascom wireless communication solution you get quicker response to disturbances in materials supply through early alert of low stock levels and delayed deliveries and automatic notification when delayed material is registered on arrival.

  • Process Monitoring

    With a wireless Ascom process monitoring solution, suspect deviations are instantly sent to operators as text messages, wherever they are.

  • Production Stoppages

    With an Ascom wireless recovery process the right person gets the right message immediately when a malfunction occurs.

  • Radiology Services

    For critical situations at the hospital, for example at incoming trauma to the emergency intake, a wireless STAT Notification is optimal to use.