See how our teleCARE IP nurse call system can help you to, save time, be more efficient,  have less stress, have a greater job satisfaction  and above all spend more time with patients.  See how the system supports your daily work.

Patient/resident alarm

Your patient/resident alarms are handled smartly in our teleCARE IP nurse call system. We bring the call of a patient/resident to the right person at the right time of the day, discrete and if needed without making any sound. It creates a silent department and thereby lowers stress, avoiding the need for the nurse to constantly monitor for calls. And by doing that it avoids alarm fatigue.

Service call

Patients and residents don’t always need a professional nurse to attend their needs. Sometimes it is simply a matter of asking for a glass of water, or a simple question. Nevertheless nurses traditionally end up with these questions anyway. But not anymore, the teleCARE IP handsets are offering a service call possibility. With the help of the service call button patients are calling the service staff instead of the nursing staff. They can attend to the patient with the appropriate service needed and the nurses have time to deal with the clinical needs. That is two trikes in one blow, increased patient service and more clinical time for the nurses.

Assistance call and emergency call

Sometimes a situation escalades. In those cases, you as a nurse need help. Different call levels are available depending of the seriousness of the situation. An assistance call brings help in less critical circumstances, while an emergency call assembles a complete critical care team at the bedside.


teleCARE IP offers a full speech system between the nursing staff and the patients. When the patient/resident has made a call a direct speech communication is available.  With this speech function the nurse can talk to the patient and find out the needs. Now anticipation on the job at hand is possible. This saves time, walking distances and improves patient care. Please note that speech is possible not only from the patient bedside, but also from other places, such as toilets, examination rooms, etc. Speech is also not limited only to patient calls, it can be used at assistance calls just as easily.

Acoustic monitoring

In some cases patients cannot make it to the alarm button. For those situations the teleCARE IP system has a build in acoustic monitoring system.  Simply by making a noise a call is triggered.  The noise level and during are 2 independent parameters that can be set (in the nurse station) for each patient individually.

But I’m still too busy

Even though we bring the right call to the right nurse, it could still be that at that point in time you are simply too busy. Don’t worry, our system has just the tools for that. If you cannot leave a patient to attend to a new call, you can divert the call to a colleague. Simply by pressing a button. You can rest assure that the call is handled.

Proof of service

All events are stored in the teleCARE IP system and are available for review. Full proof of service can be shown in case of questions. Right from the start of the call to any event that happeneds in between. All date and time stamped. Easy searching and filtering is possible to allow the nurse to pin-point a specific bed, time period and alarm event. Basic statistical information is also available, which can be used to detect peak hours, under staffing and other operational problems.

Alarm presentation

Through a graphical interface, nurses and other care givers enjoy a comprehensive overview of active events and alarms on a ward and can open calls and conduct direct speech sessions with specific patients.

Simple questions can be handled straight away and the nurse on the department is relieved from that work and can concentrate on more important matters.

This direct and fast method of responding to events as they occur has a positive effect on the quality of care offered as well as helping nurses enjoy a more effective working shift.

While at the same time patient waiting times are reduced, which improves the care experience.


  • teleCARE Patient Handsets

    Ascom teleCARE patient handsets are easy to use, robust and have beautifully ergonomic design.  Our four handsets offer your patients alarm and service calls, bed and room lighting, integrated flashlight, window shade/ radio/TV controls, headset connection, nurse call speech and much more.

    Ascom teleCARE Handset Red Dot Award Winner
  • teleCARE Switch Modules

    A unique combination of design and functionality characterises the teleCARE IP switch modules with one, two or three function-button combinations.

    teleCare Switch