Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol – Fundamental technology for the internet and the communication between various computers within one network.

The term TCP/IP is here used exemplarily for the entire family of protocols and the communication technologies build upon, which enable the world-wide transmission of messages within an organization as well as outside.

Today, TCP/IP is an all-purpose communication medium, available for all common operation systems, and on almost every hardware platform for every imaginable cross linking. Since the triumphal procession of the internet at the latest, this network protocol became generally accepted and forged its way into more and more application areas due to its great flexibility.

This – today omnipresent – technology is basis for the web and for the bulk of our clients’ internal infrastructure. It is therefore supported by nearly all platforms and products of Ascom and enables the utilization of our applications, systems and solutions via internet, clients’ local network, per virtual private network (VPN) or in the cloud.


  • ARS over OSS/J

    ARS over OSS/J is the solution if the challenge consists of combining the undisputed power of BMC Remedy Action Request System (ARS) based Service Management solutions with the integrative force of OSS/J in a heterogenous business environment.

    ARS over OSS/J
  • B2BSimplex

    The Fastest, Most-Secure, Worry-Free Way to Exchange Bilateral Voice and SWAP Agreements.

  • Change Management Process System - ChaMPS

    For supporting the Change Management Process particularily within the Telco area Ascom offers a lightweight alternative in the form of a solution based on ChaMPS (Change Management Process System). ChaMPS complies with standards, implements best practices and also contains additional concepts and features which have been developed as a result of Ascom’s long-standing experience and profound knowledge of the telecommunications environment – without the total costs of a standard solution.

  • CLI Checking

    In order to optimize the route selection, operators need to be able to measure the quality of service of each interconnection route, by measuring the CLI success rate for calls made from their network to external networks...

    CLI Checking
  • Intercarrier Processing Support System

    With ips as an integrated system of standard components, custom components and interfaces to external systems Ascom provides a highly-converged solution and is able to meet all the requirements of an international telecommunications company.

    Intercarrier Process Support System
  • Mobile Workforce Management

    The optimization of the organisation of your field services and of the concerned business processes is the objective of our solutions, products and services in the area of Mobile Workforce Management.

    Mobile Workforce Management
  • Trouble Tickets & Work Orders - TTWOS

    Within the domain of Service Management Ascom offers a lightweight solution in the form of TTWOS (Trouble Ticket and Work Order System) which is based on standards, implements ITIL Best Practices and contains specific concepts and features for the telecommunications environment – without the total costs of a standard solution. TTWOS fits seamlessly into the process landscapes defined by TM-Forum (eTOM, NGOSS, Frameworx).