Telco Infrastructure Suppliers

Whether it’s selling or installing RAN equipment or managing base station environments for their mobile network operator customers, telecom infrastructure suppliers are under tremendous pressure to deliver – and ensure the performance of – the latest wireless technologies at the lowest possible price. These equipment suppliers must prove quality and availability prior to wireless network rollout in order to proactively address any issues that might impact an operator’s customers. In addition, in their role as managed service providers, infrastructure suppliers need tools that go beyond rollouts to handle all stages of the network life cycle, including wireless network verification, benchmarking and optimization, as well as wireless application performance monitoring.

Ascom Network Testing works with infrastructure suppliers to provide solutions perfectly tailored to address the technological and cost-related challenges these network equipment vendors face. Using TEMS wireless network testing and optimization solutions, infrastructure suppliers can:

  • Test, measure, and analyze mobile networks anywhere subscribers go
  • Optimize network performance while minimizing operational costs
  • Ensure quality throughout the network life cycle to satisfy subscriber QoE and customer SLAs
  • Measure quality of service (QoS) levels among competing operators to understand where optimization, investment, and enhancement are required
  • Test and measure across today’s heterogeneous network environments using most major handset types, thanks to TEMS multivendor, multitechnology support
    - Industry-leading partnerships with different infrastructure suppliers and chip vendors to enable turnkey network and phone testing support
    - Support for all wireless technologies including GSM/GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA, HSAP+, CDMA, EV-DO, Wi-Fi, and LTE


  • Benchmarking

  • Customer Experience

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    Every company needs assets, e.g. machinery, equipment, buildings, IT systems and infrastructure to create products or provide services. Enterprise Asset and Service Management provides a real-time and mission-centered view of the assets and their service and maintenance.

  • In-Building Testing

  • IT & Business Service Management

    Only at eye level with the management and speaking in business terms, an IT department can now communicate their value to the company and justify expenditures. Comprehensive solutions for IT service management are characterized by a seamless integration of the various application modules, a full range of data integration and multiple access paths that ensure the availability of the service management solution at any time and at any place.

  • Mobile Applications

    The quality of customer services is of high importance for each company to optimise their external presentation and to achieve effective customer loyality.

  • Network Capacity

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Operations Support Systems

    With its OSS portfolio Ascom offers lightweight solutions which are based on standards, implement ITIL Best and Good Practices and also contain additional concepts and features for the telecommunications environment. Ascom’s solutions fit seamlessly into the process landscapes defined by TeleManagement Forum: eTOM, NGOSS, Frameworx.

  • OSS/BSS Solutions

    Due to the globalization of telecommunications markets, the interconnection of the networks of different providers for the provision of telecommunications services is becoming increasingly complex and leads to extended requirements on Business Support Systems (BSS). The Operations Support Systems (OSS) must allow telcos to manage their tasks in the operation of the IT and network infrastructure as well as technical services as efficiently as possible. Ascom's OSS and BSS solutions support mobile as fixed-net providers optimally in winning in the fierce competition.