Update Service
Additional makes and models will be added as the services solution evolves.

Sony Ericsson Devices Update Service

This is a free-of charge service made available to users of Sony Ericsson-based TEMS devices used either by TEMS Pocket of TEMS Investigation. The Update Service is used for firmware updates (patches, maintenance releases) of Sony Ericsson devices. The Update Service can also be used for updates to the latest TEMS firmware for a selected set of devices.

See  Update Service for technical information and instructions.

Nokia/Motorola Devices Update Service

Warning: Upgrading the test devices Nokia C7, to a new Symbian version, is likely to remove the test functionality.

The software update service of Nokia and Motorola phones are handled by
TEMS Support.

Expansion Service

The service offers our customers the ability to expand the feature set of a Sony Ericsson-based TEMS device (E.g. adding TEMS Pocket functionality to an existing TEMS Investigation test terminal) without having to physically send it in to a TEMS support/supply location.

Please consult your  sales representative for more information.

See  Expansion Service for technical information and instructions.