TEMS™ Monitor Master

From Send to End

Ensure subscriber services are business ready with the end-to-end quality you expect.

From Send to End

Ensure subscriber services are business ready with the end-to-end quality you expect.



TEMS Monitor Master integrates with Splunk. Major carriers use Splunk to capture data in real time to generate reports from all parts of their infrastructure. The addition of TEMS Monitor Master data enables new value to be delivered.

As wireless networks transition to “everything over IP,” and customers expect services delivered over a variety of bearers to work seamlessly, operators are challenged to monitor and test their customers’ experience as accurately as possible. TEMS Monitor Master addresses these challenges by using real smartphones to simulate the end user experience, providing the technical detail needed to get services to market quickly, operate live services profitably, and validate service reliability and service performance more easily.

TEMS Monitor Master uses hardware and software agents to actively test and monitor the performance and availability of services, such as VoLTE, SMS, email, VOIP, and CSFB. Increasingly, IMS test capability is becoming more important as IP investments combined with LTE rollouts gather pace. TEMS Monitor Master has extensive IMS test capability which is used to test Rich Communications Suite (RCS) services and VoLTE well before launch.

Mobile Operators use TEMS Monitor Master for service and application performance, quality of service (QoS), revenue assurance and 4G voice/video quality programs. When combined with data collected from other TEMS™ Discovery tools, operators gain an unparalleled view into their customers’ experience.

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TEMS Monitor Master uses Ascom’s market-leading LTE and on-device capability with actual smartphones to perform end-to-end tests of CSFB sessions for service readiness and 24x7 live performance measurement.

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