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Divisional Presentation

Claes ÖdmanWe at Ascom Wireless Solutions are the specialists for work place mobility. Our strength and focus is on wireless communication providing four main applications; voice, messaging, alarming and positioning. We focus on commercial market segments for which communication is “Mission-Critical”, primarily Hospital, Elderly Care, Industry, Retail and Hotel. Our systems are customized and therefore require extensive knowledge of our customers business processes. It is with tailor-made applications that we create extra value for the customer. We differentiate in the market by providing integration with existing systems as well as with our purpose-built handsets. In simple words: we link people with their colleagues and with computers and machines on the base of our proven products, systems and solutions to improve the work-flow efficiency.

We are driven by our customers’ needs and not by technology. To meet and to satisfy our customers’ needs we always apply “best fit” technology. We have gained experience in doing so over the last 50 years, supplying integrated communications solutions all over the world.

Ascom WS Vision

Our vision is to establish Ascom Wireless Solutions as a world leader in enterprise mobility for Mission-Critical communication.

Ascom WS Mission

Our mission is to create value for our customers by providing them with competitive solutions for wireless on-site communication. We do this by offering voice, professional messaging, alarming and positioning to support and optimize their Mission-Critical processes.