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Ascom Technology Papers

We are active in many different fields of technology and this is where we share our insights in all related topics.  Would you like to know more, please contact the author of the paper or info@ascom.se

Technology Papers

Medical Device Integration

Every Ascom Wireless Solutions medical device product comes with a label and Declaration of Conformity that certifies the product is designed to fulfill the essential requirements of applicable Medical Device regulations2. Products are registered as medical devices with the appropriate authorities, such as the FDA in the US, with all the required clearances, and relevant Competent Authority in Europe and including CE-marked according to the Medical Device Directive for the EU/EFTA and 510(k) in US.
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Ascom Wireless Solutions and Cisco

“The partnership between Ascom Wireless Solutions and Cisco provides customers with secure, reliable, cost-efficient and fully integrated IP-DECT solutions for any local wireless voice service.” In this partner brief you can read more about the partnership and the many benefits.
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DECT Security

The DECT standard has been the de facto voice mobility standard for almost two decades and is since a few years back now also growing in the US. Already at the initial design security was addressed and DECT and GSM shared the same design philosophy.
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TETRA – Terrestrial Trunked Radio

The TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) standard is implemented in Europe and is spreading to other parts of the world.
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CAT-iq stands for “Cordless Advanced Telephony internet and quality”. This standard is a proposal from the DECT Forum supported by ETSI to bring the DECT standard into the IP age.
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WiMAX – An alternative to WIFI?

WiMAX is nowadays frequently mentioned in media; but what is it really, and what importance will it have in relation to WiFi and IP-DECT?
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IP for everything alreday today

IP and internet is on all agendas today, most of us are already hooked users in one way or the other. But will everything run on IP soon?
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SIP is the first IP-telephony protocol that is endorsed and eventually backed up by both the telecom industry and the Internet community. The broad industry support and strong initiatives to achieve interoperability has led to an open de-facto standard for IP-based telephony systems.
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Accelerated Life Test

Portable devices are subjected to heavy wear and tear in normal use, especially in industrial and healthcare environments. It is of outmost importance to detect weak designs and early failure parts before they reach our customers.
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Indoor GSM with Femtocell technology

We start to have a new buzz word in the telecom industry – femtocell. I will try to shed some light on the subject. “Femto” comes from the same prefix as micro (10-6) and nano (10-9) and means 10-15 but in this context should be interpreted as “very small”. Although the concept of femtocell can be applied to many different technologies, today it’s focused on 3G systems. Very small cells are in this context similar to the cell sizes that we se in DECT.
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