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Ascom introduces Waveform Alerts on Smartphones and Tablets


Gothenburg, Sweden, March 4, 2013

Ascom Wireless Solutions introduces the next phase in mission-critical communication for Healthcare by delivering patient monitor waveform1 images from GE Patient Monitors to smart devices.  The Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices is a communication application enabling sophisticated, two-way alerts and messaging for healthcare clinicians on Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets.  The addition of waveform image delivery significantly improves the tools now available to healthcare clinicians on-the-go. Now clinicians have more choices and can get waveforms on their Ascom VoWiFi handsets, IP-DECT handsets as well as smartphones and tablets.2

Ascom introduces Waveform Alerts on Smartphones and TabletsThe old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, really rings true when nurses view a critical event on their smart device.  Enabling patient waveform image viewing allows care providers to more easily determine how quickly they need to respond to the bedside.  Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices not only delivers waveform images through its application, but also allows clinicians to scroll the image forward and backwards, and zoom in on the image as well.

Tom McKearney, Director Unite Product Line at Ascom Wireless Solutions, states “Hospitals are always searching for genuine tools to improve patient care and to respond quicker to different types of events.  Allowing clinicians to receive waveform images on smart devices is a major step in delivering on both of these goals.”

Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices allows clinicians the ability to extend healthcare beyond the walls of a hospital.  Patient information and alerts are delivered to a smart device utilizing robust, standards-based security and message encryption to ensure patient confidentiality.  All data is stored centrally, so even if a device is lost, your data remains safe.  Additionally, the application supports failover via SMS/SMTP to the same device or another device in the event carrier data network coverage is not available.

The enormous number of healthcare related applications available, coupled with the need for integration to healthcare systems, is driving the extraordinary growth of smart devices in healthcare. The Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices supports those healthcare professionals who need an integrated approach to using a smartphone or tablet at work.2

Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices may also be deployed in conjunction with an Ascom VoWiFi or IP-DECT system to ensure both on-site and off-site access to critical events and information.  Message alert behavior between both the Ascom on-site wireless devices and smart devices is virtually the same, making it easy to have a combination of different devices and adapt to either device as needed.

Ascom Wireless Solutions is the only provider who can deliver intelligent integration, advanced alarm/messaging services, system management and on-site wireless handsets in one powerful package.

  1. The waveforms are being sent by the Ascom Mobile Monitoring Gateway (MMG)
  2. All technical specifications for what devices will work are included in the “Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices Product Sheet” http://www.ascom.com/ws/uniteaxesssmartdevices

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