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Our mission-critical communication solutions can help you work smarter at your hospital. We integrate our solutions into your existing systems – HIS, LIS, RIS and nurse call systems – and send critical alarms to wireless phones or fixed displays. We look at your processes and customize the solutions to suit the needs of your hospital. As an example; you can get critical alarms, or get notifications from the Laboratory department when the test results are ready, directly to your mobile device. You can also get reports on response times to help you improve your processes. Our solutions enable you to better plan and prioritize your work for a more efficient work environment.


Is your daily work sometimes too hectic and you lack time to spend with your patients? Our solutions provide a direct communication chain from the patient to you as a nurse/doctor or between your existing systems to your mobile device. That means that information directed to you will only reach you and no one else. Alarm noises and stress levels will dramatically be reduced.


  • Ascom Myco Solution

    With Ascom Myco, caregivers can be more efficient in their decision-making and respond faster to the demands at the point of care. Ascom Unite also logs events, providing the necessary data to identify where efficiency improvements can be made to optimize workflows.

  • Critical Alarms

    Our alarm solutions enable you, in an emergency, to quickly assemble the right staff resources in the right place at the right time, e.g., cardiac arrest, trauma alarms, C-section, etc. We simplify the coordinating work, particularly for those individuals directing the nursing staff.

  • Patient communication

    Our patient communication system brings greater efficiency to your hospital and helps you to get the right nurse to the right patient at the right time. As a nurse you can prioritize patient calls on the go, resulting in greater flexibility.

  • Patient Monitoring

    By integrating to your patient monitoring system we distribute alarms to mobile devices so you get the right alarm at the right time, when you’re on the move.

  • Personal Safety

    We can help your staff to feel safe and secure at work. Our solutions offer easier communication between staff in critical and threatening situations, which enables response teams to more quickly coordinate their actions and  avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Support for Hospital Units

    With our solutions supporting your unit, you will get the right information or resources – when you need it. We can help you streamline communication and logistics between departments at your hospital.

  • Technical Alarms

    Our technical alarm solutions provide you with system failure notifications so that you can take appropriate actions – to avoid potential safety or machine issues.

  • Unite Messaging Suite for Healthcare

    Ascom Unite Messaging Suite for Healthcare is a powerful middleware platform that connects patients and caregivers enabling streamlined, patient-centric care. When integrated with healthcare information systems, Unite creates an unparalleled, end-to-end alert and messaging system supporting improved team communication and workflow.