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    • Loneworker SolutionLoneworker® is a wireless communication concept for higher personal safety for people working in potentially hazardous circumstances.

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Industrial enterprises must react quickly to unforeseen changes in customer preferences and other surprises. Machine failures, production surpluses and delayed material deliveries should be completely avoided or reduced to a minimum.

The solutions used by Ascom in the manufacturing and processing industry prevent that incidents cause production losses, downtime and deficient products. The workflow efficiency in the production process is increased and the material flows in the supply chain can be ensured. Moreover, if the right information at the right time reaches the right person, this increases your mobility and improves the responsiveness and flexibility of your organization.

Through powerful wireless communications, by mobilizing enterprise applications, and with the help of our solutions for Enterprise Asset Management industrial processes are easier to control and the safety of your employees is increased.

Ascom also offers specialized products and applications, which ensure a better protection of your staff and fast response to technical and operational alarms.


  • Critical Alarms

    Our alarm solutions enable you, in an emergency, to quickly assemble the right staff resources in the right place at the right time, e.g., cardiac arrest, trauma alarms, C-section, etc. We simplify the coordinating work, particularly for those individuals directing the nursing staff.

  • Material Supply

    With an Ascom wireless communication solution you get quicker response to disturbances in materials supply through early alert of low stock levels and delayed deliveries and automatic notification when delayed material is registered on arrival.

  • Personal Safety

    We can help your staff to feel safe and secure at work. Our solutions offer easier communication between staff in critical and threatening situations, which enables response teams to more quickly coordinate their actions and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Process Monitoring

    With a wireless Ascom process monitoring solution, suspect deviations are instantly sent to operators as text messages, wherever they are.

  • Production Stoppages

    With an Ascom wireless recovery process the right person gets the right message immediately when a malfunction occurs.

  • Technical Alarms

    Our technical alarm solutions provide you with system failure notifications so that you can take appropriate actions – to avoid potential safety or machine issues.