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OEM Partners

Ascom OEM Partners

Ascom Wireless Solutions is one of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers of Wireless equipment, and is supplying several of the leading PBX suppliers. Most of our customers chose to work with us at Ascom because of the quality and reliability of our products and our brand. With the many years in business, we have a long experience of developing and manufacturing wireless devices for our customers.

We have R&D facilities in Sweden and Netherlands. Our production facilities are located in Sweden as well as in Asia. With a production of over 300.000 handsets per year we can offer our customers a cost efficient and flexible solution that still suits their specific needs.

The product portfolio includes

  • Wireless handsets for DECT and WiFi
  • Chargers and accessories
  • DECT access points
  • Administration infrastructure
  • Messaging and integration platforms

Ascom Wireless Solutions is your ideal partner in the entire lifecycle of you wireless portfolio. Our services includes all steps from specifying and identifying your customers’ requirements to after sales services.

  • Specification and requirement handling
  • Customization of standard platforms
  • Custom designs
  • Integration of customer specific standards
  • Interoperability with telecommunication infrastructure
  • Certification and approval management
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain solutions
  • After sales services
  • Life cycle management