Patient-centric care at Erasmus MC hospital

Creating a hospital for the 21st century

The hospital is distinguished by its focus on patient-centric care. Every aspect of the hospital, from furniture to clinical information systems to colour schemes, is designed to nurture patient privacy, patient autonomy, and a calm healing and recovery environment. 

Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a recently opened teaching hospital with a 203,000 m2 floor area, 22 operating rooms and 586 single-patient rooms. Erasmus MC hospital chose Ascom to help it realise an ambitious vision for patient-centric care and calm healing environments.

The realisation of the new state-of-the art Erasmus MC is a team achievement of the highest order. The architects, contractors, sub-contractors and many staff members of Erasmus MC all played their part in this accomplishment. Ascom has delivered an outstanding achievement and made a great contribution to creating the hospital of the 21st century.
David Voetelink
Chief Financial Officer, Erasmus MC, Netherlands
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Ascom Healthcare Platform
at Erasmus MC Hospital
Ascom Healthcare Platform
at Erasmus MC Hospital
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