Digistat® innovation in healthcare

The case of AUSL Bologna

The Bologna local healthcare unit began adopting the Digistat platform in its operating rooms in 2012, with full implementation achieved in 2017. 

Digitisation in Bologna with Digistat

This is a very complex initiative that is a major step towards the digitisation of operating theaters, with benefits in terms of assistance, quality of healthcare and cost containment. The project not only impacts a single hospital but the health authority’s entire territory.

When fully operational there will be eight hospitals affected by digitization, each of which will include respective medical and support staff. The following figures give some idea of the scale of the work: the authority has a total of  1,310 beds, of which 618 are at the Maggiore Hospital and 199 at the Bellaria Hospital, with a working volume of over 27,000 surgeries, 10,000 of which will be performed at the Maggiore Hospital and a little less than half will be performed at the Bellaria Hospital. 

The result we have now is a software solution that supports us at all times in terms of maintaining a precise and functional uniformity of language throughout all stages of the surgical process. During the solution’s creation and implementation, we worked in close collaboration with Ascom staff, who responded quickly and efficiently to all our requests and needs.
Dr Alba Riccheo
Medical Anesthesia and Resuscitation Director, Operating Unit Surgery Manager OM Operators (SS)
Digistat is a fundamental component in the digitisation process of healthcare facilities, and I believe, from our direct experience here at the Maggiore Hospital, that it is a factor contributing to the significant improvement of surgical workflows.
Mauro Tiacci
DATeR Manager of the Surgical Units Module (PBO) and Single Sterilization Center HUB
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Maggiore Bologna Hospital
Maggiore Bologna Hospital
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