Ascom boosts its Healthcare platform with launch of new Ascom Myco 2 smart handset

Feb 21, 2017
Ascom, the leading global Healthcare Information and Communication Technology provider, today unveiled its second generation Ascom Myco 2 ( smart device at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference and Exhibition (HiMSS17) in Orlando, Florida.

"The Ascom Healthcare platform is an exceptionally powerful and comprehensive portfolio of intelligent workflow software, systems and clinical applications," said Ascom CEO Holger Cordes. "And our new Ascom Myco 2 delivers the power of the Ascom Healthcare platform from and between points of care to anywhere. Caregivers across the care continuum can seamlessly link with medical devices, EMRs, laboratories, nurse call systems as well as other healthcare communications and IT infrastructure. It's a significant step toward closing the information gaps that hinder hospitals worldwide."

Upon its launch in 2015, the Ascom Myco was the world's first smartphone purpose-built for Healthcare. "The Ascom Myco was born out of our unrivalled Healthcare communications experience," commented Ascom EVP of Marketing Francis Schmeer. "With more than 100,000 worldwide healthcare deployments of our various Healthcare portfolio solutions, we are uniquely qualified to see where workflow improvements can be made."

"Our Healthcare platform", adds Schmeer, "including the Ascom Myco 2, drives improvements which can be as simple as more efficiently fulfilling a patient's request for a blanket to as critical and complex an activity as automatically assembling a response team for a life-threatening event."

The Ascom Myco 2 features new capabilities such as embedded near-field communication (NFC) and infrared (IR) positioning. These enable 'tag-and-go' data updates and sharing between similarly enabled devices and equipment items. They also enable automated 'nurse presence' functionality, which automatically logs staff interactions with patients. The Ascom Myco 2 runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, and is available in a Google-certified version with access to apps via Google Play.

"State-of-the-art facilities such as the Humber River Hospital in Canada, and the Kuopio hospital in Finland rely on Ascom Myco to better connect clinicians to patients, and to all the information they need in order to spend less time on administrative activities and more on meaningful care," said Tim Whelehan, President of Ascom North America. "The new Ascom Myco 2 is the optimized mobile platform delivering the full value of our and our clients' workflow solutions and communications."


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