Ascom Receives 2022 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award

Recognising excellence in Medical Devices Connectivity

October 27, 2022

Ascom, a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions, announces that Frost & Sullivan has awarded it the 2022 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award. The award recognises the company for its excellence in best practices in the global medical devices connectivity industry. Profiled in the research report titled: Global Medical Devices Connectivity Industry, Frost & Sullivan evaluated Ascom for against its multi-level criteria for technology leverage and business impact. 

Specifically, the report notes Ascom’s ability to innovate technology solutions that clients need given the growing demand for digital medical device solutions, including connectivity with electronic records, which helps to advance the market. Frost & Sullivan estimates that the global medical device connectivity market stood at about $2.5 billion in 2022 and is forecast to be about $9 billion in 2026. And with new market forces such as disruptive technologies, value chain compression, and new business models, Ascom’s ability to transform to a solutions-provider further distinguishes the company. 

“Our global team of Growth Pipeline experts continually identifies and evaluates growth opportunities across multiple industries, technologies, and regions of the world. As part of this ongoing effort, we identify companies that consistently develop growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and effectively address new challenges and opportunities. Against this backdrop, Frost & Sullivan recognises Ascom for its valuable achievement in its deployment of best practices and strategic analytics in the area of Medical Device Integration,” said Darrell Huntsman, Chief Executive Officer, Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan recognised Ascom’s vendor-neutral Medical Device Integration (MDI) platform, Digistat, that integrates bedside medical devices to collect data and events. The platform adapts and integrates with any vendor’s medical device through a variety of interfaces. They also noted Ascom’s intelligent alarm filtering capabilities with its Unite workflow orchestration platform. Together, these clinical workflow solutions can help address some of the key challenges nurses identify as negatives in their jobs. In a recent Ascom study, nearly 60 percent of nurses identified technology as playing a key role in their decision to take a job and in helping them do their job. In addition to increasing the time nurses directly spend with patients, technology can aid in proactive care, giving clinicians a practice “safety net” to anticipate, recognise, and intervene before a sentinel event occurs.

“The Frost & Sullivan Award is a great testimonial of our agility and strategy in creating value in digitising workflows across healthcare systems,” said Nicolas Vanden Abeele, CEO of Ascom. “Our clinical workflow solutions Ascom Healthcare Platform (AHP) fit the need for digitalisation by giving customers a global, open and flexible architecture to expand upon and integrate with their existing systems and applications.”

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