End-of-sale notification HF paging, U914T, a51 and a71

July 4, 2022

Ascom is committed to providing customers with innovative, high-quality solutions. As part of this commitment, it is necessary to continually improve and update the hardware and software components of our solutions to keep pace with advances in information technology. This is also why it is time to retire HF paging, U914T, a51 and a71.

A new replacement of a72 pagers is intended to replace the U914T, a51 and a71 pagers by the end of 2022. The a72 pagers will have three variations, including alarm, pager, and protector.

Ascom thanks you for your loyalty and support, and you have our commitment to provide you with the highest quality customer service, product support, and technologically advanced products.

For customers who have existing maintenance contracts, support services will continue after the conclusion of the End of Sale, and any changes to support will be notified separately.

We hope this advance notice can minimise disruption, and we thank you for your continued support of Ascom products and services.

End-of-Sale notification announcement
End-of-Sale notification announcement
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