Ascom together with Sarana Medical to deliver communication solution Mayapada Healthcare

Mayapada Healthcare, through its Unit, Mayapada Hospital Surabaya & Mayapada Hospital Tangerang, has appointed Ascom, together with Sarana Medical, to roll out a comprehensive communication solution that includes Telligence nurse call, enabling efficient communication and smooth clinical processes.

October 20, 2021

Ascom, the leading global healthcare Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provider, today announced that its partner Sarana Medical will complete a large Ascom Telligence nurse call installation at Mayapada Hospital Surabaya and Mayapada Hospital Tangerang.   

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities, cutting-edge surgical equipment, efficient emergency service, and experienced medical professionals. The roll-out of Ascom Telligence Nurse Solution aims to optimize care and communication. 

Jonathan Tahir, Group CEO Mayapada Healthcare, says: “Convenience and good communication between patients and medical workers are one of our priorities at Mayapada Hospital. The new communication solution system will assist with managing tasks. Staff can answer calls, set service task reminders, upgrade events, and generally enhance communications within the facility”.

Martin Johansson, Head of Asia of Ascom Asia, says: “Securing this key contract for us illustrates that the ecosystem of Ascom Telligence is perfectly suited to the Indonesian Market. Ascom Telligence will give clinicians point-of-care access and clinical information available when and where it is needed.


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