All together now.
All together now.

Technology Partner Program

As an Ascom Technology Partner we’ll help you develop, market, deliver and maintain integrated workflow intelligence solutions—wherever you are. We’ll help with the technology, minimizing your time to market. And by crafting joint offerings together with Ascom, we can help boost your sales capability. You will also join a vibrant ecosystem of mobile network operators, application software developers, and leading vendors of PBXs, WLAN infrastructures and patient-monitoring and nurse-call systems.

A few of the benefits

  • Validate your solutions and market them as Ascom-certified
  • Use the Ascom Technology Partner, Ascom Certified or Ascom Compatible logo in your marketing material to build trust and credibility in your market
  • Grow your business with lead-generation tools
  • Work together with local Ascom sales teams to create compelling joint offerings 
  • Be visible in our global solutions marketing material
  • Be included in marketing material, press releases and case studies

Get access to

  • API’s
  • Software developer kits
  • Ascom Unite middleware platform
  • Technical documentation
  • Self-service support via our Technology Partner web portal
  • Discounts on Ascom products to help set up your own lab and demo systems
  • Ascom technical expertise, helping speed up your development process


Interoperability is critical to Ascom’s success in complex markets worldwide. After all, the ability of Ascom systems to work with existing infrastructures and technologies is something that differentiates us in the market. That’s why we put such emphasis on interoperability testing.

When becoming an Ascom Technology Partner, you can submit your organization’s hardware and software for Ascom Interoperability Certification. Once your product or system has passed the rigorous testing procedure, it can bear the Ascom Certified Product logo.

Other Partner Programs

The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your nearest Ascom representative for further details.