Ascom a51 pager

An easy-to-use one-way messaging pager, ruggedized, and equipped with a smart personal alarm capabilities.

Ascom a51 is a rugged one-way messaging pager designed with advanced personal safety in mind. If for some reason you cannot trigger a distress alarm manually, this smart pocket-sized pager can automatically trigger “man-down” or “no-movement” alarm signals.  For extra safety, a pull-cord triggers a distress alarm if the handset is forcibly taken from staff.  The Ascom a51 also features an optional on-site positioning function. The location can be transmitted together with distress signals, helping the rescue team to determine where the incidence has occurred.


Ascom a51 pager technical specification

Standard Features

  • Robust and shock resistant
  • Personal alarm
  • 2 push-buttons for configurable alarms
  • Safety Pull-cord alarm
  • Man-down and No-movement alarm (option)
  • 2-tone Acoustic location signal (ALS)
  • SIM card for identity and personal settings
  • Location function (IR and LF) (option)
  • Battery check function
  • Internal antenna
  • Vibrator alert


  • Size (h× w × d):   85 × 57 × 33 mm incl. clip
  • Weight:   93 g incl. battery
  • Colors:  Steel Grey / Ice blue
  • Display:   LCD Dot matrix
  • Clip:   Hinge-type (standard) or swivel-type


  • Operating temperature:   -10°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature:   -20°C to +70°C
  • Enclosure protection:  IP40, EN60529
  • Free fall test:     IEC 60068-2-32, procedure 1,  Dropped 12 times from 1.5 meter

Supporting documents

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Ascom a51 data sheet

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