Advanced technology for those advanced in years.
Advanced technology for those advanced in years.

Ascom solutions for aged care

We provide award-winning communication systems that integrate nurse call, smartphones, assignment and alerting software, and reporting systems, that are used in 100,000 care homes and hospital wards across the world.

We understand that giving residents their independence, while still being able to quickly respond when they need help, is a difficult balance to keep. From individual care homes to whole groups and care villages, our solutions are flexible and tailored to meet your needs – helping to empower your residents and support your clinicians and carergivers.


46.8 million people worldwide are living with dementia in 2015.

46.8 million people worldwide are living with dementia in 2015. This figure is estimated to reach 131.5 million by 2050.1

Number of people over 60 years set to double by 2050.

Number of people over 60 years set to double by 2050.2

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Allium Care Suites Case Study

Allium Healthcare faced a challenge when selecting a communications solution for their new premium aged care facility in Singapore. How to monitor their residents in order to ensure their safety, while simultaneously ensuring their privacy, dignity and freedom of movement?

001375-01-EN Allium Healthcare Case Study.pdf

Dignity with security in a groundbreaking aged care facility

Allium Healthcare partnered with Ascom to make a tangible difference in their care model, providing caregivers with more streamlined workflows and helping to ensure the greatest possible security, peace of mind and dignity for residents


  • Ascom Care Platform>

    Ascom Care Platform>

    The Ascom Care Platform is an open, modular solution that integrates healthcare-grade hardware and communications software– that’s configurable, scalable and interoperable.
  • Ascom Wanderer Management>

    Ascom Wanderer Management>

    Facilities that care for dementia residents face tough challenges. One of the most pressing is how to provide the safest, most secure environment possible—while simultaneously promoting each individual’s dignity and quality of life. An Ascom wanderer control solution can go a long way towards achieving this key objective.
  • Ascom  Talk-to-Residents>

    Ascom Talk-to-Residents>

    With a wireless telephone, the nurse can speak directly to the resident and immediately assess his or her needs – without taking a step. This saves movement and time, reducing the nurse’s workload.