The Ascom Healthcare Platform

Built around three core pillars—Integrate, Orchestrate and Enable—the Ascom Healthcare Platform is unique: the only truly comprehensive, end-to-end communication and collaboration platform for long-term and acute care. For fifty years we’ve been pioneering healthcare communications. The Ascom Healthcare Platform builds on this bedrock.

Sup-optimal information flows
data points a single ICU patient can generate in a day

(Ref 1)

1.2 million
alarms recorded in 30 days at a leading US hospital

(Ref 2)

of serious medical errors caused by miscommunication

(Ref 3)


of a nurse’s day spent on documentation

 (Ref 4)


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Ascom helped us realise our vision: to move from multiple devices and communication barriers to one mobility healthcare platform.
Kristen Robb
IS Strategic Partner, Director – Southern California, Providence St. Joseph Health
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The Ascom healthcare platform 
white paper
The Ascom healthcare platform
white paper

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