Staff and facility safety. Made simple.

Malls are complex. Which is why they need simplified communications

A daily throughput of thousands of shoppers. A dispersed workforce, often working alone. Easy access to high-value items. Flammable materials on site. Mind-bendingly complex water, sprinkler, fire and gas alarm systems. Shopping malls pose a tough challenge to anyone trying to optimize staff and facility safety.  Which is precisely why malls turn to Ascom. Because with decades’ of experience and a full range of technologies and hardware (IP-DECT, DECT, VoWiFi, paging systems, etc.) we can customize solutions to meet the most demanding conditions. And since we use open architecture, your Ascom solution can grow and change with you over the years. Ascom solutions for shopping malls—security made simple.




  • Ascom personnel safety alarms for shopping malls >

    Ascom personnel safety alarms for shopping malls >

    Shoppers love the easy accessibility of the mall. But it is also this accessibility that leaves staff vulnerable to abuse, theft, and even physical assault. But there is a proven way to maximize staff safety—without compromising efficiency or the shopping experience. With an Ascom personal alarm solution, staff are only a discreet button push away from help.
  • Ascom technical alarms for shopping malls >

    Ascom technical alarms for shopping malls >

    A freight elevator seizes up, but nobody notifies facility management. A malfunctioning freezer spoils thousands of dollars’ worth of food before action is taken. Energy use in a building skyrockets—but goes unnoticed for days. These are just some of the problems that Ascom technical solutions can help pre-empt.