Credibility is everything in ICT. Which is why we’ve spent 150 years building it.

Ascom has always been about bringing people together. In fact, the very beginnings of the company go back to 1862, when Gustav Adolf Hasler took over the Swiss Federal Telegraph Workshop. This had been set up a decade earlier in order to link the cities of the Alpine Republic. The resulting company, Hasler & Escher (later Hasler AG) specialised in telegraphy, telephony, radio and measuring equipment.

Hasler thrived, and in 1980 acquired the Swedish company Tateco. Founded in 1955 as Telekontroll, Tateco had become known for its ‘teleCONTAL’ operational monitoring and ‘teleCOURIER’ paging systems. The next major expansion came in 1987 when Hasler merged with Swiss telecom companies Autophon and Zellweger to form Ascom. The new entity was active in everything from hearing aids to fare collection, and relied on the Swiss market for about 80% of its revenue.

Focus on Healthcare

The 1990s saw Ascom shift its focus to wireless mission-critical communication. A major milestone was the 1996 acquisition of Ericsson Paging Systems. This added a major Dutch Healthcare communications company, NIRA, to Ascom. The company could now move decisively to become a truly global partner, able to offer DECT-based communications solutions to customers worldwide.

Further acquisitions cemented Ascom’s international profile. Comarco, Argogroup and Ericsson’s TEMS were acquired in 2008 and 2009. In 2011 Ascom acquired Miratel, the market leader in Finland for nurse call systems. The move strengthened the position of Ascom Wireless Solutions within the Healthcare communication market. One year later, Ascom acquired GE's North American nurse call business.The emphasis on Healthcare was again underlined by the 2014 launch of the Ascom Myco, a smartphone purpose-built for use by nurses and other Healthcare professionals.

A major strategic development came with the January 2015 announcement that the Ascom Group was committed to becoming a major ICT company with a strong focus on Healthcare. Action soon followed. First came a strategic alliance with Tyco SimplexGrinnell for integrated healthcare communication solutions in the United States and Canada. This was followed by the December 2015 announcement of the acquisition of United Medical Software (UMS), a specialist in medical device software and integrations solutions for digital medical records and life-critical care. And in 2016, Ascom divested its Network Testing Division, and adopted a 'OneCompany' structure.




  • The first steps...

    Gustav Adolf Hasler takes over the Swiss Federal Telegraph Workshops to form Hasler & Escher, later to become Hasler AG.


  • Establishment of Autophon

    Autophon, later to form part of Ascom, is established in Solothurn, Switzerland.


  • Founding of Tateco

    Sven Eriksson becomes owner of Telekontroll. The company is relocated to Gothenburg, Sweden in 1962. In 1977 the company’s name is changed to Tateco, and in 1980 is acquired by Hasler AG. 


  • Ascom is born

    The three Swiss companies Hasler, Autophon and Zellweger merge to form Ascom.


  • Ericson Paging Systems and Nira

    Ascom acquires Ericsson Paging Systems. As part of the deal, Ascom becomes owner of NIRA, a Healthcare communications company based in the Netherlands.


  • Ascom in North America

    Ascom takes a position in the huge, but highly competitive North American market by acquiring Ericsson’s Personal Wireless Telephony business.

2008 2012

  • Comarco, Argogroup, TEMS, Miratel and
    GE Nurse call

    Ascom acquires Comarco and Argogroup in 2008, Ericsson’s TEMS in 2009, and Finnish nurse call specialist Miratel in 2011. In 2012, Ascom acquires GE’s nurse call business in North America.


  • Ascom Myco launch

    The company launches the Ascom Myco smartphone, an Android device purpose-built for Healthcare users. 


  • Ascom 2020 strategy

    The Ascom Group announces its ‘Ascom 2020’ strategy, which lays out plans for the company to become a global ICT business with a focus on the Healthcare sector. Ascom moves decisively in 2015 to bolster its Healthcare position, acquiring Italy’s UMS and entering a strategic alliance with Tyco SimplexGrinnell.


  • Focus on Healthcare

    Ascom underlines its focus on Healthcare by divesting its Network Testing division. Ascom commits itself to a 'OneCompany' structure.