Does your Hospital need help with setting up emergency clinics? 

We have a pre-configured and easy to set up communication solution to support clinical emergency scenarios

When a clinical emergency occurs, clinical staff are in high demand and communication becomes critical. With the high volume of patients and the urgent need for assistance, it’s essential that a solution can be deployed swiftly. In these situations, we become more reliant on wireless communication.

The challenge is to create a robust and flexible communication system to be installed and deployed anywhere. Ascom is providing an easy and quick deployment communication solution, all in one box that comes pre-constructed and pre-configured.

  • Rapid deployment kit with all components included, pre-constructed and configured.
  • Critical communications platform with Voice, Messaging, and Alarm to suit all care situations.
  • A stable and scalable communication solution for different facilities requirements.  
  • Robust technology with a proven deployment history in Australia and globally.

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Ascom and COVID-19

We are committed to supporting our customers in this challenging situation. Ascom has contingency plans in place, and we want to inform our customers as well as possible. We are closely monitoring the situation, and we are securing stock through close collaboration and daily review between Ascom and our suppliers. At the moment, we see no impact on expected customer deliveries and hope to be able to handle the situation in the future.

We adhere to the facts and advice stated by the Australian Health Department and comply with their rules for infection control. Our primary focus is to support our customers in a challenging situation and the safety of our employees.




Find out how to keep Ascom mobile devices clean and safe.

Unlike consumer-grade mobile devices, Ascom mobile devices are purpose-built for healthcare, manufacturing, enterprise, retail, and other high-performance work environments. Our devices are tested with different cleaning and disinfection products that will not harm the devices while adhering to your stringent cleaning protocols.

If you would like specific information on spraying, disinfection, type of liquid disinfectant or cleaning wipes for your products, contact us directly by phone or mail, or download our test document for cleaning and disinfecting our handsets and smartphones.


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Quick link to download the Ascom handsets disinfection user guide.

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