Digistat Smart Central

Digistat Smart Central continuously acquires data from patient devices (e.g. infusion pumps, patient monitors, ventilatosr, dialysis machines, etc.) and displays them with an intuitive user interface. Digistat Smart Central gives an overview of device status, and highlights alarms and/or warnings possibly occurring on any connected device. Frontline staff gain a quick and clear overview of the status of patient devices across the ward.




Main features

  • Digistat Smart Central can be installed on multiple workstations, on wall-mounted displays in the hallways  and in the central nursing stations to provide a general view   of  all the devices, updated in near-real-time,
  • Provides an overview of multiple beds on a single screen,
  • Helps nurses to improve their workflow in alarm management
  • It helps to prevent some types of alarms,  thus reducing the “acoustic stress” for patients  and staff,
  • Tracks alarms, changes of settings and other device information, to provide a complete  record to nurses and physicians.

The nursing staff can use Digistat Smart Central to view the status of devices, to verify that they are connected and sending data to the electronic patient record, helping to improve the internal workflow. Digistat Smart Central is able to get data from more than 200 medical devices and it updates its display every few seconds  to provide timely information about the device status. Each station of Digistat Smart Central can be customized to display only the patients relevant to the area of the department where it is located allowing nurses to quickly re-configure the display to reflect the work-shift assignments.

Digistat Smart Central has an intuitive user interface that does not require keyboard or mouse, thus making it ideal for mounting in corridors and even in out-of-reach positions. An acoustic signal is optionally available to notify the occurrence of new events in the department.

High versatility

Digistat Smart Central is able to acquire data continuously from over 200 medical devices* of the most important international producers:

  • Philips
  • Carefusion
  • Draeger
  • GE
  • Mindray
  • B.Braun
  • Maquet

Supporting documents

Digistat Smart Central and Mobile brochure

Digistat Smart Central and Mobile brochure

Digistat Smart Central

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