Ascom Alarm Management Client

Speed up response time to staff emergencies with graphical presentation of staff location

The Alarm Management Client (AMC) provides a graphical presentation of personal alarm notifications, via a PC, which can be viewed in plain text or on a floor plan. Graphical presentation lets you know where to send staff assistance, enhancing the personal security of your staff.

The AMC is a Windows® PC client application enabling graphical presentation of personal alarms, typically triggered by a mobile device button press indicating personal duress. Incoming alarms can be viewed on a floor plan map with the ability to see and handle multiple alarms simultaneously. User login enables traceability of user actions. It also supports a history log to trace back alarms and alarm responses.


Easily pinpoint the location of a staff member when emergency assistance is required

AMC is an operator’s panel with graphical alarm presentation to better pinpoint the location of a staff member when assistance is required.



Fast facts

  • Incoming personal alarms can be viewed both in plain text and graphicaally on a floor or site plan layout
  • Application utilizes Windows® PC client application to provide alarm presentation and alarm location information
  • Multiple personal alarms can be viewed simultaneously, including alarm history


  • Identification of person, alarm location and type of alarm
  • Alarm location presented on graphical map or site layout
  • User login gives possibility to trace which user that took a certain actions
  • Permissions can be configured according to user needs and authority
  • All connected clients are synchronised and show current status
  • Alarm history log can be viewed

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