Digistat Connect

Digistat Connect acquires information about clinical data, alarms and events in near-real-time from medical devices (patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, CVVH, etc.) and creates a common, standard, automatic data stream providing patient data to a hospital's information system.

Digistat Connect is device-vendor neutral and scalable from single departments to multiple hospitals.


Main features and benefits

Main benefits

  • Automatic and objective patient data documentation
  • Time-saving efficiency, helps minimise transcription errors
  • Detailed vital signs parameter collection for clinical records
  • Device log for alarms and user actions
  • Single source of clinical information for all hospital IT systems
  • Able to scale from single departments to multiple hospitals

Main features

  • Continuous acquisition of clinical data, vital signs, and events (alarms, settings, user operations)
  • Integration to 200+ Medical Devices
  • Export with HL7 to third-party systems EHR/HIS/EMR/CDSS/PDMS
  • Storage of data in a database
  • Class I Medical device per MDD 93/42 EEC and amendments

High versatility

Digistat Connect is able to acquire data from over 200 medical devices from the world's leading  producers:

  • Philips
  • Carefusion
  • Draeger
  • GE
  • Mindray
  • B.Braun
  • Maquet


Supporting documents

Digistat Connect Product Sheet

Digistat Connect Product Sheet

Information about Digistat Connect solution

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