Ascom Unite System Logging

Better information transforms workflow

Unite captures all important system events including alert message activity and system faults which can be used for later analysis, such as audit trails and statistics. It is also possible to trace the way a message is transmitted through the Unite system via these activity logs.

The term “activity logging” refers to all messages and events being processed through Unite. Examples of activities are messages, alarms, faults, input/output activities, and message responses. Activity logging is useful for troubleshooting. By viewing related activities it is easy to see, for example, if an alert message was sent to a caregiver after an alarm was received as intended. 


Reporting enables better decision-making and planning


Fast facts

  • There are two components of Unite Analyze
    • Activity logging 
    • Pre-defined reports package supporting Ascom Telligence Nurse Call system
  • All activity logging information can be exported to a SQL database for future referencing and archiving
  • Compatible with standards-based reporting tools for developing customized reports
  • Activity logging includes alert messages, alarms, faults, input/output activities, and message responses
  • Use advanced filtering tools to easily find crucial information


  • Captures critical reporting information to help track key performance indicators
  • Enables managers to make better informed staffing decisions
  • Helps pinpoint workflow bottlenecks and areas for improvement
  • Helps identify changes that affect the quality of patient care


Supporting documents

Unite Analyze Product Sheet

Unite Analyze Product Sheet

Product sheet

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