Speech modules

teleCARE IP speech modules make it easy to add voice communication to any teleCARE IP system. The benefits of having voice communication in a nurse call system include the ability to quickly reassure the resident that help is on the way; assess the urgency of the event to manage against current activities; prioritise activities without leaving the current task if it is not of a serious nature; and helping staff anticipate the items needed such as medication, supplies or information to eliminate wasted trips.

These benefits lead to improved caregiver efficiency and satisfaction by saving time and steps, time which can be returned to providing direct resident care, in addition to improving the communication between staff members.  


Add voice to any teleCARE IP system to improve staff efficiency


Fast facts

  • Twin loudspeakers for high-quality voice transmission
  • Highly sensitive microphone for two-way speech
  • Red/green LED to show speech active to and from the room
  • Can be installed in combination with other bedside modules


  • Enable staff to talk to a resident without having to walk to his or her room, saving time and steps 
  • Allow staff members to open an audio path to a room, should they believe something is wrong 
  • Reduce patient stress by enabling staff to quickly communicate with residents