Digistat Smart Central Mobile

Digistat Smart Central Mobile is an optional extension of Digistat Smart Central that allows to take advantage of the same features of the platform, but directly into the hands of the medical and nursing staff.

  • Puts device data and status directly in the hand of staff and clinicians
  • Helps improve alarm event management and makes it even possible, in some cases, to prevent them, thus reducing “acoustic stress” for patients and staff
  • Consolidates information from different sources
  • Information is presented visually and acoustically
  • My Patient function makes it possible to configure each mobile device to display only selected beds

Main features

Smart Central Mobile* is optimised when used in combination with the Ascom Myco:

  • Resistant to falls
  • Washable, water and dust resistant
  • Has two monitors: the main touch screen, and a top screen that makes it possible to read alarm notifications and messages when the handset is in a breast pocket 
  • Alerts and other core tasks are always prioritised
  • Integrated barcode scanning feature
  • Hotkey for preconfigured emergency alerts (eg, man-down)
  • Also functions as a normal smartphone

Supporting documents

Digistat Smart Central and Mobile brochure

Digistat Smart Central and Mobile brochure

Digistat Smart Central Mobile

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