Ascom Unite Custom Connect

Deliver customised integrations with the Unite platform

Unite Custom Connect is a software tool kit that lets solution designers construct advanced integrated solutions within the Unite Messaging Suite® platform. These solutions include, but are not limited to, third-party integration with communication systems such as building management systems, fire detection systems, and other sources of electronic information. Solution designers can use Ascom Unite Custom Connect to route information and messages dynamically from an external system to recipients based on specified conditions.

Custom Connect offers an open framework for solution designers to utilise the Unite platform to construct customer-driven, integrated solutions. Custom Connect leverages Unite’s alert management engine and interworking core applications like staff assignment and central alert display.  This customisation capability lets solution designers swiftly react to customer-specific needs.


A toolkit for customised, integrated solutions


Fast facts

  • Toolkit for building integrated alert management solutions in combination with other systems and products 
  • Customised solutions can leverage other Unite applications like staff assignment, central alert display and smartphone integration
  • Custom Connect should not be used for integration to medical devices


  • Enables local adaptations that make sense for specific customers
  • Easy to use toolkit that streamlines Unite integration to 3rd party systems
  • Ability to respond more quickly to customer business needs
  • Opens integration with many 3rd party systems
  • Leverages Unite alert management capabilities

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