Hire an expert. Keep the expertise.
Hire an expert. Keep the expertise.

Solution and Technical Consulting

Is your current nurse call fit for purpose? Hampered by a mishmash of legacy systems? Employees struggling with complicated, time-wasting equipment? The experts at Ascom Professional Services are there to answer these—and just about any other wireless communication question you may have.

Expert help from down-to-earth people

Ascom consultants can help you with practically any aspect of your wireless communications systems, regardless of vendor and/or manufacturer. These experts can, for example, perform a ‘health check’ on your existing systems. They’ll pinpoint improvement areas, and draw up realistic recommendations in a detailed report. Work for a hospital or long-term care facility? Then our fully qualified nurses can review your clinical workflows; identifying where and how communications can improve care quality, patient satisfaction and efficiency. To ensure consistency and quality, we use our own project managers to oversee Ascom consulting services. All Ascom project managers are certified and experienced in PRINCE2 methodology (Projects in Controlled Environments, version two).

Ascom Clinical Training

Let Ascom serve your recurring clinical training needs. As your workflow with Ascom technology evolves, you will find the need to refresh current users with training on the latest functionality. Professional follow-up training to maintain competence for both experienced and new users is essential to optimise your capability and prolong your Ascom investment.

Ascom understands how critical time is in the clinical environment and it is why we bring the training to you in the most suitable way. We can send someone to your facility or alternatively have remote options via Go To Meeting software. The remote option allows you to maintain interaction and observation with the trainer via a computer interface.

Ascom will continuously develop and implement updates on our training program to ensure its effectiveness based on your feedback. Meanwhile, the customised training is available to address any issues and questions clinical users may have post installation.