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Alterdesk offer a leading secure messaging platform for healthcare that is available for the Ascom Myco smartphone!

The no. 1 secure messaging platform from Alterdesk offers all the convenience expected of today’s messaging platforms and combines it with the exceptional security and data protection required by the healthcare sector.

The challenge

Caregivers need to communicate quickly and securely, often using different devices. Unfortunately, some messaging services fail to satisfy security standards.


Alterdesk is the multi-device secure messaging platform. It is available for the Ascom Myco, iOS- and Android-powered devices, tablets and desktop PCs.

Alterdesk and Ascom Myco: simple and secure messaging for healthcare

Alterdesk is the multi-device secure messaging platform. It is available for the Ascom Myco, iOS- and Android-powered devices, tablets and desktop PCs.

  • Securely and easily exchange patient-related messages and files.
  • Available for a range of operating systems and devices.           
  • Encrypted to satisfy the latest healthcare industry security standards.
  • Offers personal alarm feature which can be used with the Ascom Myco.
  • Integrates with EHR/ECR and other systems*.
  • Easy to configure and administer.
  • Full messaging oversight and control with delete and message lifespan functions.
  • Offers secure internal messaging between colleagues, and secure external communication with other specialists or patients.

*The integrations are subject to compatibility restrictions, specific versions and models may not be supported. Please contact Alterdesk or your Ascom representative for details.


About Alterdesk

It is Alterdesk’s core ambition to provide the healthcare industry with the very best secure messaging platform. Messaging is the future and security is an absolute must – especially in healthcare, where the protection of patient data is of the utmost importance. Our team balances perfectionism with common sense to always work towards the best solution – for our own messaging platform and the white label platforms we set up in collaboration with our partners.


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Solution available in the following markets

The Alterdesk and Ascom solution is available in Europe (EU).
Please note: Any Dutch healthcare organizations interested in our messaging solution will be referred to our partner KPN for their KPN Zorg Messenger (KPN Healthcare Messenger), which is based on our technology.

The supported geographical markets indicated are based on the information available at the time of publication. Please contact the local Alterdesk sales office, visit the Alterdesk website or reach out to your local Ascom contact for up-to-date information.


Alterdesk and Ascom Solution Brief

Alterdesk, the leading secure messaging platform integrated with Ascom Myco.

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