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Daza Opticare

Our mission is to provide solutions which prevent falls and reduce the workload of health care professionals. Together with Ascom, Daza provides wireless solutions for both intra- and extramural healthcare to increase the safety of patients.

About Daza Opticare

Daza Opticare is a company which develops and produces electronic devices for healthcare. The company was founded in 2000 to provide a solution for the growing number of fall incidents amongst elderly people. Fall incidents in nursing homes often results in human suffering and frequently unnecessarily high costs are involved. The reduction of caregivers and the increase of elderly people result in a higher workload for the caregiver. Too often a choice is made to restrain patients in order to prevent a fall incident. In the Netherlands an agreement was signed in 2008 to reduce the amount of people who are restraint for fall prevention. This is a policy we at Daza support and for which we offer various of effective alternatives. Moreover, we remain active in the development of our products in order to prevent the restraining of patients, both at national and international level.  

Supported markets

A wide range of products from Daza has their origin in psycho geriatric care. The systems provide preventive solutions for a wide range of dangerous situations. We provide wireless solutions which are nowadays more desirable in the healthcare sector. New technology can guarantee that all alarms will reach the right person. Many thousands of sensors are currently present in psycho geriatric institutes, but there is an increasing range of areas (health care areas) using our products:

  • Hospitals
  • Mental healthcare
  • Small-scale care facilities


More information

For more information, please visit the website from Daza Opticare: www.daza.nl, contact by phone via: +31 165 599 388 or send a mail to info@daza.nl.