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15 years ago the Dutch Scientific Institute TNO began researching how to support senior citizens with smart sensoring technology. These 15 years of research and market experience is what sets us apart. Sensara offers solutions for nursing homes to provide high quality of care while respecting privacy. By introducing innovative solutions we strive to provide outstanding affordable care for everyone.

Key benefits of the solution

A reliable and intelligent self learning system with exceptional user interface. No camera’s, no wearables and very low false positives (<5%) that is our definition of quality monitoring. Our algorithms alert based on inactivity and provide 100% coverage in nursing home rooms. Prevention is key. Trend analysis from our system serves as early detection for multiple issues. All benefits are proven both scientifically and in practise.

The challenge

The new generation of elderly have different expectations. They are more vocal, more demanding and want to make the most out of their golden years. That translates into living in your own home as long as possible and, when finally in a nursing home, still mainting the same independence and privacy. 

This challenge requires a new approach to elderly care: from control to (passive) monitoring. The growth of the elderly population requires an affordable solution. That doesn’t necessarily mean low cost, it can also mean flexibility to scale up or down depending on the personal situation/needs. The challenge: monitor with flexibility  

The solution architecture

The Sensara ProCare solutions has three up to eight small wireless sensors, which are installed in the room of a customer in a nursing home. The sensors communicate with our intelligent software on the local server, using a wireless receiver that covers a several nursing home rooms. This receiver only requires POE connection. In addition our RF interface can be integrated into the Ascom Room Controller via a USB port eliminating the need for a duplicate network. The sensors are pre-commissioned per room and the installation requires very limited technical skills. The sensors are unobtrusive, battery operated (average 3 year battery life) and privacy friendly.

Due to smart (self-learning and adaptive) algorithm design, our system supports automatically all possible customer lifestyles. Our algorithms can really understand what is going on at home. There are smart filters for visitors, holidays, pets, false sensor messages, etc. 

The main product features (monitoring functions) are:

  • Life style monitoring – detecting worrisome (long-term) changes in the behavior of the residents, which could be indicative of developing health problems.
  • Fall detection based on inactivity (in the room and bathroom)
  • Out-of-bed / out-of-room detection.

The solution can be delivered with smartphone apps (for alarming and situation awareness) for involved formal and informal care-givers and a tablet app (Dashboard), which presents real-time status of the monitored residents. 


  • Sensara ProCare integrated with Ascom Unite is a powerful combination for nursing homes providing the flexible monitoring solution. 
  • A nursing home can fullfil a community role via the standard connection between the nurse call app of ProCare. 
  • Knowing better equals Caring better

More information

Sensara is a healthcare venture striving to support the elderly in the best way we can. In our products, service and development roadmap we want to be innovative while delivering quality. The innovation is in our genes. The focus drives quality, both in development of new products as in optimization and automization of service. We are open to suggestions and partnering to achieve client satisfaction.

For more information, please visit www.sensara.eu, contact via +31 10 764 080 or send a mail to info@sensara.eu