400,000 and counting. Ascom’s yearly handset production.
400,000 and counting. Ascom’s yearly handset production.

OEM Partner Program

Decades of experience. A trusted brand. R&D and manufacturing facilities in Asia and Europe. These are just some of the factors that have made Ascom one of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers of wireless handsets and equipment for professional and enterprise use. Our product portfolio currently includes: DECT and Wi-Fi handsets, chargers and accessories, DECT access points, administration infrastructures, messaging and integration platforms.

Ascom has an exceptionally strong market position, being the world's second largest largest manufacturer of Wi-Fi handsets and third largest of IP DECT devices.
Much of this success is due to our committment to long-term partnerships. Many of our OEM partners have worked with us for many years. These strong relationships are backed by market-leading R&D, extensive support, and unrivalled customer and market knowledge.

Ascom OEM capabilities available to you 

  • Specification and requirement handling
  • Customization of standard platforms
  • Custom designs
  • Integration of customer specific standards and software
  • Interoperability with telecom infrastructures
  • Certification and approval management
  • Manufacturing and repair services
  • Flexibility and quick turnarounds
  • Global and local operational support
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain solutions
  • After-sales services
  • Life-cycle management
  • Marketing collateral and reports
  • Training and coaching of technical and sales staff

Why chose Ascom as your OEM partner?

Commitment to innovation
Constant innovation is in our DNA. Together with our OEM partners we have pioneered new standards in handset innovation and workflow productivity. Our committment to innovation and a constantly evolving product portfolio is absolute.

Focused long-term vision
For more than 30 years Ascom has been shaping and leading the industry. We have helped--and will continue to help--our OEM partners and their customers realize their strategic goals. 

Unmatched design and manufacturing capabilities
Manufacturing capabilities in Europe and China mean we offer short time-to-market leadtimes at competitive cost levels.



Contact our VP OEM Partner Sales to learn more

Britta Hanley, VP OEM Partner Sales
+41 76 352 29 40 

Other Partner Programs

The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your nearest Ascom representative for further details.