Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance is a key topic for Ascom as an international group. Both the Board of Directors and Management are committed to good Corporate Governance in order to ensure sustainable development of the Company.

The information published in the Corporate Governance Report follows the SIX Swiss Exchange directives on standards relating to Corporate Governance. In particular, Ascom is committed to a transparent and comprehensible reporting.

The Remuneration Report informs about Ascom remuneration policy and the remuneration in the past year. The compensation of the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board is based on the Articles of Association revised in April 2015. The compensation shall be adequate, competitive and performance-oriented and shall be set in line with the operative and strategic goals, the success of the Company, as well as the long-term interests of the shareholders.


Compliance is essential for an international group such as Ascom. Public and private stakeholders expect Ascom to do the business in accordance with the applicable standards. Nevertheless, compliance is for Ascom not only the observance of laws, standards, and internal rules; it is also a general commitment to good behavior. 

The Ascom business is guided by the Code of Ethical Business Conduct, which lays down core legal and ethical standards for all Ascom employees worldwide. As compliance matters to all employees, continuing training sessions on all levels are organized.

Corporate Governance Survey

Ascom aims always to meet the high demands of the financial community in regards to corporate governance and the company puts all efforts in improving the transparency for its financial stakeholders. Thanks to all these efforts a professional survey among listed companies in Switzerland awarded Ascom top notch quality in corporate governance.

Internal Whistleblower Channel

Ascom is committed to complying with existing laws and the policies of the Company. For the Group it is from utmost importance that employees are able to raise concerns regarding potential violations easily and anonymously. To promote the ethical standards in Corporate Governance, Ascom maintains for its workforce an internal whistleblower channel that facilitates the reporting of potential violations of Group policies and applicable laws.