Tier 2 reseller program

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The Ascom Wireless Solutions Tier 2 Reseller Program is designed to give our resellers a competitive edge in the wireless marketplace. This coupled with our market leading solutions provides a truly compelling business proposition for our resellers. With many years market experience and in excess of

3 million devices sold worldwide, rest assured that no other supplier of on-site wireless communications will boost your own business like Ascom Wireless Solutions.

We aim to help you grow your business by providing you with access to the right platforms, first class commercial and technical support enabling you to provide value added solutions to your existing and expanding customer base. Through our network of distribution partners, coupled with support from Ascom channel management, you will have access to all the services needed to deliver the right solutions for your customers.


Products will be ordered through In-country Ascom Distribution Tier 1 Partners. You will get commercial support to be competitive in your local market.

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