Enhancing residents' independence at Australia’s AnglicareSA

How an Ascom solution is providing security with dignity, and safety with discretion.

When AnglicareSA was looking for a new nurse call system, a key criteria was that the new solution would promote mobility and independence for residents, while simultaneously maximizing their safety.

Ascom met these demands by combining various elements from the Ascom Healthcare Platform, the company’s portfolio of healthcare communications hardware, software, and services. For AnglicareSA, the solution involves residents wearing wireless transceivers (either as pendants or wristbands) which they can use to communicate alerts or requests while on the move.


Patient and nurse at AnglicareSA

Integration with residents' wireless devices supports workflows and care quality.

The benefits of integration

“We believe that the environment should not have to adjust to fit the technology,” says Jacinta Robertson, Head of Residential Aged Care at AnglicareSA, “rather, technology should adjust to the environment.”

Jacinta Robertson

Head of Residential Aged Care at AnglicareSA, Australia

Streamlining workflows, harvesting data, and metrics

The new Ascom solution provides AnglicareSA with the data and metrics necessary for ongoing optimization and assessment. Key data such as response times, performance issues, call histories, and alert logs are automatically harvested and made available to AnglicareSA staff. Moreover, the modular nature of solutions from the Ascom Healthcare Platform makes it easy for organizations such as AnglicareSA to expand and adapt them to meet changing conditions and goals.   

Technology for people

Integrated mobility gives the Ascom solution the user-oriented flexibility demanded by AnglicareSA. An example of this is the ‘wander control’ functionality available with the Ascom transceivers. This function automatically sends alerts to predetermined recipients should at-risk residents attempt to leave or approach specified zones (selected doors, exits, windows, etc.).

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Ascom Healthcare Platform at AnglicareSA facility

Read about the Ascom Healthcare Platform at AnglicareSA Residential Aged Care, Australia.
Ascom customer story nurse with myco2 smartphone

According to Jacinta Robertson, Head of Residential Aged Care at AnglicareSA, working with Ascom “helped ensure the new solution and workflows are used correctly. And continuing client consultations will go a long way towards helping to improve back-end support and frontline care management.”