Ascom Australia and i3net sign strategic partnership focusing on the industry market

Ascom Australia has partnered with i3net, the Illawarra Innovative Industry Network. i3net provides networking opportunities for Illawarra’s vast range of manufacturers, engineering service providers, and industrial suppliers to promote the collective capability of industry to local, national and international markets. Being a part of i3net offers members a highly valued opportunity for fostering relationships and strengthening business capabilities.

May 18, 2022

The partnership aims to elevate Ascom's commitment to the Illawarra region understanding the investment and growth that has already occurred in the area; Ascom aims to help key businesses understand information gaps when it comes to communication and builds on efficiency with the help of their unique solution set. 

Ascom solutions ensure mobile people receive time-critical information directly to their smartphones or mobile devices (such as speech, text, alarms, data) from colleagues, machines, and systems. They can retrieve or automatically receive critical values and share them with workmates and external responders, helping to make information more accessible, insightful, and actionable. 

The Ascom Solution is built on three pillars:

Integrate: collates and connects data from systems, machinery, sensors, and other devices

Orchestrate: processes and distributes messages, alarms, alerts, and notifications to the right people at the right time, wherever they are

Enable: provides access and context for mobile recipients to enable informed decisions, resulting in efficient and effective collaboration and response

Jake Manning, Channel Manager at Ascom, says: “We understand the importance of aligning with the right companies that share our vision and will give us insights to support industries roadmap and gaps. The industry sector is a key strategic focus for Ascom, and this partnership will allow us to leverage our shared knowledge and experience in supporting the industry's technology journey”.

Bianca Perry, Chief Executive Officer at i3net, says: “We are very pleased with how we have started to collaborate. We understand the value Ascom brings as a communication vendor and consultant; we believe they are a valuable new partner to our network to help members close their digital information gaps and understand focused application that delivers better coordination and support for their workers.”.

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