Environment and sustainability

From the responsible sourcing of raw materials to energy-efficient offices, from rigorous compliance standards to recycling programs, Ascom constantly strives to minimize its environmental impact.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is achieving impressive results. For example, an independent life-cycle assessment found that the Ascom Myco handset produces 52-73 kg in CO2eq across its full life cycle, which is less than consumer smartphones.1 And we have implemented recycling systems for areas with limited collection and recycling infrastructures.

Sustainability is taken seriously at Ascom. Internally, we have senior managers and staff responsible for enforcing policies and practices. Externally, we regularly assess suppliers and partners, and actively work with government authorities and NGOs on a broad range of sustainability and environmental issues.

UN Global Compact

Ascom is a member of the UN Global Compact—the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Membership commits Ascom to: “(1) operate responsibly in alignment with universal principles, (2) take strategic actions that support the society around them. Then, to push sustainability deep into the corporate identity, (3) to commit at the highest level, (4) report annually on their efforts, and (5) engage locally where they have a presence”.2

Commitments and policies

In line with its practices of transparent governance and good citizenship, Ascom makes public its various sustainability commitments and policies:



1. The figures are in a report commissioned from Swerea, the Swedish Research Institute for Industrial Renewal and Sustainable Growth

2. Unite Nations Global Compact: Who We Are. Available online at: https://www.unglobalcompact.org/what-is-gc/strategy [October 28, 2016]

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