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Meet us at Vitalis.

And experience the power of the Ascom Healthcare Platform.

The Ascom Healthcare Platform is a unique portfolio of clinical and care solutions. It offers combinations of hardware, software and services that close digital information gaps —providing actionable and context-rich insights that support care and clinical decision making.

At Vitalis 2018 we’ll be demonstrating and showcasing selected elements from the Ascom Healthcare Platform. You will, for instance, be able to experience the benefits of the Ascom Myco 2 built-for-healthcare smartphone.

You’ll also be able to earn how our mobility innovations contribute to staff efficiency and patient satisfaction. And be able to see firsthand how our Digistat solutions streamline vitals registration, medical device integration, and clinical data display. You can also learn about our new generation of Ascom Telligence—an innovative Patient Response System that optimizes frontline care.

And since this is Vitalis, the Nordic region’s leading eHealth event, we will of course also be showcasing our Nordic Application Suite—solutions developed specifically for Nordic requirements.

Join us at Vitalis B09:06. And discover the power of the Ascom Healthcare Platform.


Ascom at Intelligent Hospital Pavilion. 

See Ascom solutions at work in a realistic hospital environment. Learn how our solutions integrate smoothly with monitors and other equipment from various vendors and manufacturers. Experience how Ascom solutions help improve clinical workflows and decision making in the real world of today’s healthcare.

Guided tours of the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion are held every 15 minutes.